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pakistan drowned in 60 year record rainfall
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Pakistan drowned in 60-year record rainfall

Pakistan drowned in 60-year record rainfall

Pakistan recorded a new rainfall in April last year after 1961. It has rained more than twice the amount of rain that usually falls in April. This information was given on May 13, 2024, in the monthly report of the country’s meteorological agency.

According to the Pakistan Meteorological Department’s monthly climate report, the country recorded 59.3 mm of rainfall in April 2022. This is much higher than the average rainfall for this month of 22.5 mm.

This April has experienced the highest rainfall since 1961. According to the report, at least 144 people have died due to lightning and floods in various regions of the country.

Pakistan is increasingly under threat due to abnormal weather conditions. The country is suffering from devastating floods during the monsoon season. Monsoon season usually starts in July in Pakistan.

Last summer of 2022, one-third of Pakistan was submerged in floods caused by unprecedented rains. Millions of people were displaced. The country lost three trillion dollars due to the flood, according to the World Bank’s calculations.

Pakistan Meteorological Department spokesperson Zaheer Ahmad Babar said, “Climate change has emerged as an important issue in this case. This has implications for the erratic nature of the weather in our region.”

In April 2022, Pakistan’s average temperature was 23.67 degrees Celsius, while other parts of Asia were experiencing heat waves. It is 0.87 degrees Celsius below the normal April temperature.

Pakistan is the fifth most populous country in the world. According to data provided by officials, the country accounts for less than 1 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. Because of global warming, South Asian countries are experiencing severe weather conditions.

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