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block bricks dont pollute the environment
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Block bricks don’t pollute the Environment

Block bricks don’t pollute the Environment.

There is no need to burn any wood or coal in the production of Block Bricks. As a result, the Environment doesn’t pollute. The soil of the agricultural land is also not used in making it.

Again, the cost of making a building or house is less than 25 percent brick. Therefore, the use of concrete blocks is increasing in the Bagerhat area, Bangladesh, as an alternative to bricks. Along with that, it will help to create new entrepreneurs.

The concerned persons say that 20 entrepreneurs in different areas of Bagerhat produce millions of block bricks every month in their factories.

These trained entrepreneurs make these blocks of sand, white sand (coarse), fly ash, cement, and chemicals in their factories. These factories, there employed one hundred twenty people.

Shakila Begum, a private employee, built a house with this block in the Madrasa Bazar area of ​​Bagerhat Sadar Upazila. Stating that it took about 1500 blocks to build a 650 square feet one-story building, Shakila said, “Including plaster, construction of this building cost about four Tk.00.000.” Building a house mainly with blocks on the advice of a local block craftsman. As the cost is comparatively less, the house also looks wonderful.

A man named Abu Saeed has built a block brick factory in the Sonatala area of ​​the Bagerhat suburb. Currently, six workers are working in his factory.

He said, “Every day, one worker can make 200 blocks. After 11 years of exile, I was trying to do something back home.

In the meantime, I can know about this block. Build a factory with training. As no fire or fuel use, the cost of production is also relatively low.”

Many people are now interested in using blocks as they are eco-friendly and lighter in weight compared to bricks. As a result, it is also creating a demand for Blocks. Apart from manufacturing and selling, he is giving the necessary support, including laborers, to construct buildings with blocks of buyers.

Another entrepreneur, Tushar Pal of Sadar Upazila, said, “I am making blocks and parking tiles. As an alternative to bricks, the demand is increasing daily in cities and villages. As a result, new entrepreneurs are also inclined.”

“Apart from this, we are getting help from government and private organizations. The announcement to stop brick kilns by 2025 will increase demand for concrete blocks,” said Tushar Pal. He demanded to ensure the use of this environmentally friendly block in the construction of government buildings.

Community Development Centre (CODEC), a non-governmental organization, provides training and technical assistance to Bagerhat entrepreneurs like Abu Saeed and Tushar Pal. Under the Sustainable Enterprise Project of Palli Karma Sahayak Foundation (PKSF), they are working to create skilled workers and entrepreneurs in building blocks and parking tiles in the Bagerhat district.

In the meantime, 20 people have gone to production by setting up small and medium-sized factories with training.

Some owners of block brick-making factories said that the price of each brick is Tk.12 to 15. Another block costs 45 to 50 taka. But one block is equal to five bricks. Five bricks cost Tk.60 to 75.

If people use blocks in any building, they significantly reduce the cost. If you increase the publicity in this regard, people will choose blocks more as an alternative to bricks.

On the one hand, it will reduce environmental pollution; on the other hand, agricultural land and forests will save from destruction.

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