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companies producing waste should recycle at their own risk
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Companies producing waste should recycle at their own risk

Companies producing waste should recycle at their own risk

Many big companies in Bangladesh are directly involved in waste generation. Their packaging waste ends up in city drains and canals, which are mainly responsible for the city’s pollution and waterlogging. As a result, those companies have to be accountable and play their role in proper waste management.

The speakers said these things in a meeting on waste management in Mohammadpur, the capital, on Saturday. The meeting was organized under the initiative of the Dhaka Calling Project implemented by DSK Consortium with financial support from USAID and technical support from Counterpart International.

Researcher Aminur Rasul Babul said, “Many of us do not know the economic value of waste. Policy areas should work on in this regard.

Many big companies in the country generate waste but want to avoid being involved in waste management. Those who produce waste have a responsibility to recycle the waste. The media needs to be more vocal about this.”

The speakers said, “Solid waste is the major cause of urban pollution. The government has made the Solid Waste Management Rules, 2021. But no policy has been made to implement it.”

As a result, such waste needs to be managed. Moreover, most slum areas of Dhaka still do not have proper waste management. It increases the level of environmental pollution.

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