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the verto tower is purifying the air in new delhi, india
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The ‘Verto’ tower is purifying the air in New Delhi, India

The ‘Verto’ tower is purifying the air in New Delhi, India

A smooth filter or air purification ‘tower,’ known as Verto

, has been intensively purifying the surrounding air since last summer in New Delhi’s Park, one of the world’s most polluted cities.

This 18feet height architectural device is installed in the park named Sundar Nursery in Delhi, the capital of India. It also purifies the surrounding air by reducing nitrogen levels and hazardous fine particles. The tower cleans 6 lakh (10 Lakh = 1 million) cubic meters of air daily, equivalent to 273 hot air balloons.

After analyzing the initial data obtained using this device, the architects believe the project can scale up to purify the air in large congested areas, other neighborhoods, and even entire cities.

The builder of this tower is the architectural firm ‘Studio Symbiosis’. They have offices in India and Germany. Their towers have five air filter cubes inside a geometric shell.

The firm’s co-founders, Amit and Britta Noble Gupta say their fan-powered device can clean air from a radius of 656 to 1,640 feet in an enclosed space.

And outdoors, it can purify the air from 328 feet to 1,148 feet. How much area it will cover depends on the wind speed and what the area is like.

Amit from Delhi said, “This is the initial result we were hoping for using this device. We will talk to the government authorities to install more of them.”

Will this air purification tower reduce India’s pollution?

He said that due to the success of this project, Studio Symbiosis has already talked with potential buyers from Uzbekistan to France and New Zealand.

A US company is considering ordering about 40 towers to combat dust and fine particles at its infrastructure construction sites.

“I think these towers can be in public parks or plazas, where people are most of the time. Also, if it is installed where the homeless sleep, they will definitely benefit,” said Brita Noble Gupta.

The tower is named ‘Verto’ from Latin ‘vertent’. Its twist is designed to push as much air as possible toward the tower’s surface, which sucks the air into the filter and then expels it.

It’s all about wind speed, says Amit. As a result, they created this tower by focusing on how a jet plane and its propeller engine work, along with car spoilers. He explained how the tower, made of small parts joined together, became more aerodynamic.

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