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Bottle Captive Tree Aged 48 Years
Adnan Mahfuz Tazvir

Bottle Captive Tree Aged 48 Years

Bottle Captive Tree Aged 48 Years

By Adnan Mahfuz

Experiments and research on trees are nothing new. But for 48 years, the idea of creating a tree garden in a glass bottle seems a little different. No pruning has been done in the last 48 years. Water was not provided. The tree got everything it needed underneath from that glass bottle.

In this way, the tree lovers of the world may take new initiatives for gardening in bottles. Although tree lovers’ plant and care for trees in various ways.

But all in all, there is no doubt that the long continuous 48 years of tree growth and tree survival without anything will bring hope to the tree lovers.

David Latimer planted the tree inside a transparent glass bottle.

The bottle cap has never been opened for the last 48 years. Surprisingly, it has grown a garden and wonderfully fresh so many years. This is the most beautiful example of the bottle-locked ecosystem.

In 1960, Latimer thought of planting a glass bottle. That same year he started working on the garden on Easter Sunday.

He collected a bottle that could hold 10 gallons of liquid capacity.

Then mix 1/8 gallon of water with some mixed organic fertilizer in the pot. He used a wire to plant a shoot of a spiderwort tree. He then stuck the bottle’s mouth.

Then an era passed! By that time, the tree has developed, including the stalks.

In 1972, he opened the bottle for the first time to give a little water. That one time! With this exception, the bottle has not been opened to date. The garden has only had a lot of sunshine!

‘It is kept 6 feet away from the window, so it gets enough light. It is trying to move towards the light, so it is turned around occasionally; Let it grow evenly everywhere,” said Latimer.

“I never trimmed it, so it has increased according to the bottle’s capacity,” he added.

It is natural to wonder how a completely closed garden can survive for so many years! But there is nothing to be surprised because this garden is a perfect self-sufficient ecosystem. The plant produces its oxygen and receives nutrients from the humus in the soil.

The fallen leaves and other parts of the tree fall to the ground and are recycled into the simple matter by bacteria, which breaks down the organic matter and releases carbon dioxide into the air.

The vapor generated during the transpiration process condenses and accumulates in the soil and is reabsorbed by the roots. As a result, a water cycle is also.

Since all the essential elements of the plant are recycled from the tree and there is no need to supply anything outside.

Source: GreenPage Bangla

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