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Cyclone Harold Batters Fiji
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Cyclone Harold Batters Fiji; Creating a Massive Destruction

Cyclone Harold Batters Fiji; Creating a Massive Destruction

Fiji has become stale after the attack of Cyclone Harold. The whole world is now fighting against pandemic COVID-19. Fiji is not any different. In this situation, cyclone Harold
has increased misery in this Island country in Melanesia, situated in the South Pacific Ocean.

Cyclone Harold has made the life of people miserable in Fiji. This cyclone has hit Fiji at a fierce speed which caused massive damage. But the accurate amount of damage is still yet calculated.

A flattened house can be seen from above in an aerial photo.

Last Wednesday (9th April 2020) cyclone Harold hit over the country at a speed of 240 kilometers per hour. This cyclone was formed in the Pan Pacific Ocean. Due to the experienced, the cyclone, miles after miles have been flooded by water. Lots of trees, houses, and other infrastructures have broken down.

The actual incident took place in Solomon and Vanuatu Islands in Fiji. Due to the storm, the barrage broke and water entered. The main road of Eastern Fiji Island has drowned due to the cyclonic charge. On the other hand, the cyclonic strong winds caused the flying of garbage in the sky of the Suva region of Fiji.

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