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developed countries have failed to implement climate change promises, sheikh hasina prime minister of bangladesh
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Developed countries have failed to implement climate change promises: Sheikh Hasina, Prime Minister, Bangladesh

Developed countries have failed to implement climate change promises: Sheikh Hasina, Prime Minister, Bangladesh

Sheikh Hasina, Prime Minister of Bangladesh, has commented that developed countries have failed to implement climate change promises.

She made this comment in a meeting with visiting Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong at Ganobhaban on May 22, 2024. Prime Minister’s speechwriter M Nazrul Islam informed the journalists.

We have not waited for help from developed countries. We have created our own Climate Trust Fund to help our people, the Prime Minister told the Australian minister. We are trying our best. Bangladesh is vulnerable to climate change, as it is frequently hit by cyclones and floods.

Regarding Rohingya sheltered in Bangladesh and Israeli aggression in Palestine, she said, “Bangladesh is against any kind of war or conflict. We seek discussion and dialogue to resolve every conflict.”

“Bangladesh is trying to resolve the issue through bilateral talks to send the Rohingyas back to their home country Myanmar,” she added. The Prime Minister also mentioned that although Bangladesh has requested international assistance in this regard, no significant progress has been made in the repatriation efforts.

Sheikh Hasina said that since 2017, Bangladesh has sheltered around 1.3 million Rohingyas in the country’s Cox’s Bazar district. Most of them fled to Bangladesh to escape the killings, rapes and arson attacks carried out by the Myanmar army. Myanmar has not yet agreed to repatriate its citizens.

At that time, the Prime Minister said that Bangladesh is a densely populated country with a small size. For this we have emphasized on employment creation. The government is establishing 100 economic zones across the country to set up industries to generate employment.

Australian entrepreneurs can invest there and reap the benefits by taking advantage of the country’s investment-friendly facilities.

Regarding agriculture, the Prime Minister said that Bangladesh has been successful in the production of food grains in the last 15 years. We have been able to increase our production manifold, but as our land is shrinking along with population growth, we need to increase our production further. The Prime Minister sought Australia’s assistance in exchange for improved agricultural technology.

She said, due to the timely and practical actions of the government, Bangladesh has been able to reduce the poverty rate from 40 percent to 17.7 percent and the level of extreme poverty from 25 percent to 5.7 percent.

The Prime Minister said that currently about 90 thousand people of Bangladeshi origin are living in Australia, and they are contributing to the country’s economy.

Bangabandhu’s daughter (Sheak Hasina) urged Australia’s foreign minister to take steps to allow more Bangladeshi students to enter their country.

Prime Minister’s Advisor on Industry and Investment Salman F. Rahman and Ambassador-at-Large M. Ziauddin were present at the time.

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