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due to climatic change reasons, the earth is rotating at a faster speed
Aivee Akther Environmental Science

Due to climatic Change reasons, the Earth is rotating at a faster speed

Due to climatic Change reasons, the Earth is rotating at a faster speed


The Earth is breaking its record. From the beginning of creation, it has been well known that there are two Earth motions. Rotation and Revolution. Orientation is the motion on its axis, and Revolution is the movement of the Earth around the Sun in a specific orbit.

Orientation results day and night. It takes 24 hours. That is one day. And Revolution results in the year; it takes 365 days to round the Sun.

Nevertheless, last July 29, Friday, 2022, there was an exception to this rule. On that day, the Earth did not take 24 hours to make a rotation and took a little less time.

Statistically, at least 1.59 milliseconds less. And that’s a new record. Earth itself broke its record for the shortest day, and last Friday, July 29, 2022, was the shortest day.

However, what is the reason? The answer is Earth’s motion. Scientists say that the Earth has been increasing its speed recently. Needless to say, the speed of rotation. The previous shortest day record was held on July 19, 2020 (since 1960).

It took 1.47 milliseconds, less than 24 hours, to complete the Earth’s rotation that day. The following year, the world increased its speed again. But the record could not produce anything.

The question is, what is the reason for this manipulation of the Earth’s motion? The answer is not clear yet.

However, according to some scientists, there may be a change in the inner and outer surface of the Earth.

It may be currently based or climate based. Others believe that this is the ‘Chandler Obel’, i.e., the variation in the Earth’s rotation on the surface of the polar region.

According to experts, negative leap seconds will create if the Earth’s speed continues to increase this way. However, it will affect the communication system. If the negative leap second increases, ordinary people will have trouble using smartphones, computers, etc.

However, this system will help astronauts. However, the risk will be very high if any work has been done using negative leap seconds.

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