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due to pollution, oxygen has decreased in the mathabhanga river, chuadanga, bangladesh
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Due to pollution, oxygen has decreased in the Mathabhanga river, Chuadanga, Bangladesh

Due to pollution, oxygen has decreased in the Mathabhanga river, Chuadanga, Bangladesh


Due to a lack of oxygen in the water, the river fishes have floated in the Mathabhanga River. Along with dead fish, live fish also rise to the surface of the river. In the initial investigation and monitoring, the administration and fisheries officials cite oxygen shortage as the reason.

On August 10, fish floated in the Mathabhanga river from Munshiganj in Chuadanga District to the Damurhuda area. News of the fish floating around began to spread. Eager to hear this news, the people started fishing.

Thousands of people caught fish in the river overnight. At that time, the local administration warned not to fish in the water. After that, the river water has tested in coordination with the administration and fisheries officials.

According to the river water test report, the oxygen level in the water was 0.5 milligrams, which should be 3.5 milligrams. However, the ammonia levels in the river water were slightly higher, which is 7.8%.

Rajiul Islam, Senior Fisheries Officer of Chuadanga Sadar Upazila, said, “The oxygen content in the water is shallow. That is why the fish floated up.

Shamim Bhuiyan, Upazila nirbahi officer (UNO) of Chuadanga Sadar, said,” The oxygen level in the water has decreased due to pollution. Allegedly, the fish rises due to a lack of oxygen. However, there may be other reasons. For this, the monitoring work of experts is going on.

However, during night fishing, the fishermen said, the fish may float away due to the poisoning of the water.

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