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due to warming, india pakistan will burn in a terrible heat wave
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Due to warming, India-Pakistan will burn in a terrible heat wave

Due to warming, India-Pakistan will burn in a terrible heat wave

 The whole world is witnessing the worst form of warming in the last few decades. People are facing terrible cyclones, floods, snowfall, and drought.

Environmental scientists predict that India will experience frequent and intense heat waves in the coming decades. The same situation will prevail in vast areas of Pakistan.

According to the report, the levels of temperature tolerance will be surpassed. About 220 million people in the two countries will be affected.

According to the joint report of scientists from several Western universities, the human body can withstand a certain temperature. The climate will change drastically in the next few decades.

The temperature is going to be extremely unpleasant. Which is beyond the endurance of the human body. As a result, heat stroke and heart attack will increase rapidly.

Also, the amount of rainfall will decrease significantly. Drought will occur in many areas of India and Pakistan. What is the reason for the situation to be so bad?

Scientists have said that climate change is the cause. Contamination of urban civilizations, deforestation, and excessive radioactive radiation are responsible for the fires.

Scientists believe that El Niño is likely to return again in 2024. All in all, the temperature will reach beyond imagination. The soil will be cracked, ponds, rivers and canals will dry up. A large part of the world will cry.

El Niño can have a significant impact on the monsoon season in India. It forms on the coasts of Chile and Peru in the Pacific Ocean. There is a possibility of a decrease in rainfall. In that case, it will be difficult for people to adapt to the heat wave.

If the average global temperature rises above 2 degrees Celsius, India, Pakistan, and China may experience dire conditions. About 220 million people of the two countries will be affected.

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