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12:29 pm | July 13, 2024
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effective sewage management etp must establish to protect the environment
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Effective sewage management ETP must establish to protect the environment

Effective sewage management ETP must establish to protect the environment: Mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC)

Md. Atiqul Islam, Mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC), said, “In every building and house, generator, AC and other necessary things has installed correctly.

However, there is a lack of ETPs (Effluent Treatment plants) installments in buildings for effective sewage management. As a result, sewages pollute city canals and water bodies. There is no alternative to sewage management at source to save the city.”

He said these things in a panel discussion at the Asia Institute of Technology in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand.

At this time, DNCC Mayor said that to protect the city’s environment, the city dwellers must do effective sewage management at their homes on their initiative.

“We are conducting extensive awareness programs at DNCC. We have already conducted meetings and workshops with the councilors of each ward and representatives of societies from different areas.

I have instructed them to make people aware in their respective areas. Sewage connection to canals or open drains will block by the City Corporation,” the mayor said.

The mayor also said that private institutions besides the government should also connect in sewage management. It is possible to solve this problem with the joint efforts of all.

Equipment required for sewage management should make available in the market. He mentioned that the mental change of people is significant for an adequate sewage system.

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