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Environmental Pollutions that may cause harm to us

Environmental Pollutions that may cause harm to us

Environmental Pollutions that may cause harm to us

-Adnan Mahfuz Tazvir(class VII – English version,
Motijheel Ideal school and college, Dhaka.)

Dhaka is one of the most air-polluted cities in the world. For the last three to four months, the capital has become unhealthier. If we go down the streets, it seems like the dust reigns on the roads. On the other hand, the environment is also being polluted due to water pollution, noise pollution, dirt everywhere. It is known that the dust generated from the ditches and from various construction works on the streets. The black smoke of the vehicles, the black smoke of brickwork, etc. mixed with air creates unhealthy and harmful air in the capital.

This problem is usually seen more during the winter season. However, this time the problem has already started much earlier this winter. Due to the high prevalence of dust on the streets, the residents of the capital are constantly suffering. As a result, the prevalence of various diseases like Asthma, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), ARI (Acute Respiratory Infection) and more such kind of diseases is occurring all over the capital. Children and older people are more victims.
Also, water pollution, noise pollution are polluting the environment in different ways and people are being affected differently due to this. Let us not know from the following information about how people can be affected by them.

Disrupting children’s intelligence development and nerve damage

The World Bank’s report says that poorer women and children are being harmed greatly by pollution. Because most of them live in contaminated areas where there is also a risk of lead contamination, it can lead to the development of children’s intelligence and neurological damage.

Physical damage to pregnant women

Pregnant women may be at risk of miscarriage and childbirth due to living in contaminated areas. The polluted air and water in these areas can pose a health risk to her and her baby.

Damage to the eye, respiratory system due to air pollution

US research firm Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory says that exposure to contaminated air containing chemical mixtures can cause eye or nose or throat infections or damage. It can also cause a variety of lung complications such as bronchitis or pneumonia, headaches, asthma and various allergies. Scientists have found the association of diabetes with pollution.

Cancer and heart disease

Experts say that lung cancer and heart disease can develop if exposed to airborne pollutants for a long time or working in such an environment. It can even cause long-term brain, liver or kidney problems.

The effects of water pollution are long-lasting

The UK’s water pollution guide, who is working to reduce water pollution levels, says the long-term effects are far greater than the temporary effects of water pollution. Especially in industrial factories, waste is much more harmful to the human body. Use of these water can cause diseases such as psoriasis, typhoid, jaundice or hepatitis.

Damage through the food cycle

Scientists say the pollutants that are produced in contaminated water or in the river where the fish or animals live, the pollution spreads inside those animals. Through the food cycle, these harmful substances come back into the human body. As a result, even though they are not directly contaminated with water, these contaminants come into the human body through these fish that cause disabled birth or cancer. Even though the food cycle, harmful substances including lead, plastic is entering the human body.

Hypertension due to noise pollution

The US National Association of Noise Control says the sound of the pathway can cause one to have hypertension, ulcers, heart disease, headaches or nerve problems. Even in the environment of extra words, the baby may be born with a congenital flaw. Noise pollution can cause blood pressure, breathing problems or even digestive problems.

It should be noticed that avoiding environmental pollution does not mean looking at the government or the authorities. They need to be aware of the environment first. Thus the government, the people and the organizations will take united action. Otherwise, they cannot be protected from environmental pollution.

Organs are losing their effectiveness due to food pollution

Due to the contamination of food, many diseases of the gut, liver, kidney or stomach are losing their effectiveness. Various problems including gastric ulcer are being created. Sometimes these causes are also causing cancer. When children eat such malicious foods from an early age their immune system is disrupted.

It should be noted that to avoid environmental pollution we cannot just be looking at the government or the authorities. We need to be aware of the protection of the environment first. Thus the government, the people, all the organizations should take united action. Otherwise, we cannot be protected from environmental pollution.
Source: BBC

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