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Preplanned Fire In The Forest of Lawachara, Bangladesh

Preplanned Fire In The Forest of Lawachara, Bangladesh

Preplanned Fire In The Forest of Lawachara, Bangladesh

It is suspected that fire in the forests of Lawachara in Bangladesh was pre-planned to take over the land. It is unclear how much damage was caused due to fire.

But the fire has done much damage to the forest. Different kinds of Biodiversity and many trees have burned in the fire.

The fire broke out in the forest adjacent to the Lawachara National Garden, Kamalganj, Moulovibazar, Bangladesh.

The Forest Department has launched an investigation according to the unwritten directives of the Environment Minister.

The government officials suspected that a group had designed the fire out-break to occupy the area. The forest caught fire last Tuesday (17th, 2020) at noon.

After the fire broke out last Tuesday, the fire was extinguished in the evening with the help of Fire Service. However, smoke was visible in the forest a day after the fire has been broken.

On 18 March 2020, a team led by the Lawachara Forest Range Officer Monayem Hossain and Lawchara Forest Beat Officer Anwar Hossain investigated the area.

At that time, it was smoking from an area of about a 3-acre forest.

According to the information, there were many wild pigs in this forest. Based on the burnt odor, it is esteemed that some wild pig’s babies may have died due to fire. Also, the fire has caused much damage to the bamboo, shrubs, small plants, and Biodiversity.

There is a great deal of complexity with the measurement of land in that area. It is reported that there are problems with the measurement of the total area of 189 acres of land under the forest authority.

And taking this advantage, a local group has set up the various workplace. That’s why it is estimated that the fire out-break is pre-planned.

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