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The Narsunda River at Kishoreganj
Agriculture Sadia Noor Portia

The Narsunda River at Kishoreganj, Bangladesh Now Turned into paddy Field.

The Narsunda River at Kishoreganj, Bangladesh Now Turned into paddy Field.

By Sadia Noor Portia (7th semester – English Department,
Independent University, Bangladesh)

The Narasunda River is situated in Kishoreganj. It flows through several unions in the Nandail Upazila. In fact, the Narasunda River is a branch of the old Brahmaputra River. In the last 57 years, 158 rivers have dried up. One of which is Narasunda.

Once the naval movement was active in the Narasunda River. Fishes were used to be hunted by dams in the river. The number of dams kept increasing day by day. As a result, the river began to be filled up slowly.

Locals said that one of the reasons for the drying up of the river is the loss of the navigability of the river due to illegal occupancy and pollution.

Now the image of Narasunda River has taken a different form as the river is being filled up. A thin stream is now flowing in the river Narsunda River.

A green carpet is now seen there instead of water. The rivers of this country filled with greenery are becoming green day by day.

The form of Narasunda River is somewhat seen during the rainy season. Because at that time the river becomes filled with water.

There are flows in the river. But at the end of the rainy season, the river bed being rise duo and then the farmers cultivate their Boro paddy.

The river bed soil is quite fertile because of the sediment. Rice production costs also decrease. The yield is also good. As a result, the farmers benefit from this.

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