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8:27 pm | April 10, 2021
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Flood Situation In Sunamganj Worsening

Flood Situation In Sunamganj Worsening

Flood Situation In Sunamganj Worsening

The overall situation of flood has deteriorated in Sunamganj, Bangladesh due to over-raining and water flow came down from the upstream.

Last July 9, the water of the Surma river had increased up to 67 centimetres. On July 11, the Surma river’s water was flowing 21 centimetres above the danger level around noon in the Shologhar point of Sunamganj municipal area. The water is also increasing in other rivers and haors of the district.

The district has flooded since June 25. Four municipalities and 82 unions in 11 Upazilas of the district flooded. About 50,000 families have been affected by the floods. One hundred thirty-seven shelters have opened.

Thousands of families have taken refuge in these shelters. After that, the flood situation improved due to less rain in the middle of the last week. But heavy rain has started again for the previous two days. At the same time, the flood situation has deteriorated due to the massive downhill waters from the upstream, Assam.

It learned that the flood situation in Sunamganj Sadar, Chhatak, Tahirpur, Doarabazar, and Bishwambharpur Upazilas has deteriorated. Due to the increase in water in these Upazilas, the residents are becoming waterlogged.

In the afternoon, on July 10, visiting the Nabinagar area of Sunamganj city, it saw that water was flowing over the road on the banks of the Surma river. Some houses in the area have flooded. Besides, areas along the Surma river in North Arpinnagar, Machbazar, Barapara, Ukilpara, and Mallikpur of the city have flooded.

Direct road communication with the district headquarters of Tahirpur, Jamalganj, and Doarabazar Upazilas still cut off due to flood damage. Anwarpur and Shaktiyarkhala areas of Tahirpur-Sunamganj road have flooded again. People are crossing these two places by boat.

Pritam Pal, Assistant Engineer at the Sunamganj office of the Water Development Board (BWDB), said, “Sunamganj had received 183 mm of rainfall in the last 24 hours. It is also raining in Cherrapunji, India.

That is why a huge amount of downhill stream is coming down. As a result, water is rising in various rivers and haors of the district, including the Surma. The water will increase further.

Citing the Meteorological Department, Sunamganj Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Abdul Ahad said, “There would be heavy rains in Sunamganj for another three to four days.

There is a risk of deterioration of the flood situation. The district administration is fully prepared to deal with the flood situation.

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