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Plastic waste is changing into resources and providing livelihood to a half of million people in Bangladesh

From 1KG plastic, can make 15 pairs of Hawaiian slippers (slippers sandals)!

From 1KG plastic, can make 15 pairs of Hawaiian slippers (slippers sandals)! It is going to be a new initiative to protect the environment

By Zeba Tarannum

Bidhannagar, India: Plastic waste is now a significant concern worldwide as it is harmful to the environment. Plastic pollution is spreading everywhere in the water, and on the ground now, it is out of control.

Also, various reasons can’t stop the use of plastic entirely and will never be. Therefore, if the discarded plastic can reuse differently, then the problem due to plastic pollution will reduce to some extent.

For that purpose, an initiative is being taken in Newtown, Kolkata, to make Hawaiian slippers out of usable plastic waste. For this, the Newtown authorities of Kolkata have collaborated with a private company.

According to the Newtown Kolkata Development Authority (NKDA), the matter has been under discussion with a private company for several days.

It has been decided that the plastic waste collected from the houses will hand over to the private company. They will use this plastic as raw material and will use this to make Hawaiian slippers.

The private company has claimed that it can take 15 to 17 pairs of slippers from 1 kg of plastic. According to NKDA authorities, these Hawaiian slippers will primarily sell in the Newtown area.

However, there is also a complication in collecting this plastic. These plastics cannot be used if there is a mixture of more water.

Therefore, the Newtown authorities have decided that since the house cleaners do the work of separating the garbage from the house, a workshop will be organized for them one by one. There they will be shown how to separate the plastic waste so that it can reuse properly.

Work of plastic waste separation in Newtown began a year ago. Many materials, including T-shirts, cups, paver blocks, are being made in full force using that plastic.

Self-reliant groups are also given job opportunities in this work. As a result, multiple objectives are being achieved in this initiative. This time, the industry to make Hawaiian slippers has been added to reusing discarded plastics, which will reduce the amount of plastic from the environment.

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