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Scientists warns due to pollution effect the penis is shrinking

Greta Thunberg tweet- ‘Scientists warns due to pollution effect the penis is shrinking’

By Zeba Tarannum

Adolescent environmentalist Greta Thunberg has caught the attention of everyone in the world by being the most vocal about the world’s environmental pollution and climate change.

This time she raised such an issue on social media, which has started to practice in social media, “Nowadays children are birthing with small penis due to environmental pollution which may cause the critical situation to human existence on earth in future.” Recently, a group of scientists issued such a warning. Greta Tweeted on this issue; Greta’s message was ‘See you again…’

Greta’s tweets mean a great response on social media. The flood of like, comment, share. However, after this tweet, it said that it is her most popular tweet. It received over 250,000 likes within 12 hours. Netizens say her sense of humor is identifying in this tweet. However, some netizens are reluctant to give their entire credit to Greta.

A book published by a scientist named Shanna Swan wrote that increasing environmental pollution is having various effects on human life. Children are taking birth with a small penis is one of them.

It can reduce the sexual ability and affect reproduction in the future. The Scientist fears that human life itself can fall into a crisis of existence due to this. Greta’s latest tweet was mentioning that.

In very few words, she wanted to warn again about the future crisis of the world. Swiss environmentalist tweet- “See you all at the next climate strike,” Then she wrote again, “The first step in dealing with the crisis is to identify it as a problem. Science says that we can still avoid the worst consequences.

Therefore, it is possible, but it is not possible if we continue behaving indifferently like today. There is no other way to avoid danger.”

Greta Thunberg had been vocal on social media about various matters before. Greta probably realized at an early age how big the problem of climate change is in the world.

Her movement started only at the age of 16, which is why she identified as the Swedish environmentalist in the world. As a result, her every word and message has become important. Now, Greta Thunberg warns by sharing a scientific article on the crisis of the human race. There are being mixed reactions on social media about it.

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