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The eco-friendly route will show on Google Maps! A new update is coming!
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The eco-friendly route will show on Google Maps! A new update is coming!

The eco-friendly route will show on Google Maps! A new update is coming!

By Amila Khan

“Which way to go to a destination and will emit the least amount of carbon, the best road for human and the environment” Google Maps will suggest that path in the future.

On Tuesday, March 30, 2021, the alphabet-owned company said that the new feature would launch in the United States early this year. Google said the service would roll out to other parts of the world as soon as possible due to its commitment to climate change.

Users can choose their route, but if you don’t select a particular path, Google Maps will suggest the most “eco-friendly” way if the time for potential paths is close, which Google says will protect you from harmful air pollution.

“We see that in almost half of the journeys, we can offer a more environmentally friendly route without much of a time-lapse.” – Said Russell Decker, a product director at Google.

Google said it was receiving carbon emissions from various vehicles from the US government’s National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL) and collected road data from data collected by Google’s Street View vehicles. In many cases, from satellite images.

It is not yet clear how much Google’s new calculations will reduce or help reduce carbon emissions.

However, a study of 20 people at Long Beach, California State University, found that if they knew that a route was environmentally friendly, they would try to choose that route.

In the coming months, while using the Maps App, you will see different options for motorcars, bicycles, and public transport together, without having to go through different options.

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