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Global Warming Responsible For Wildfires
Disaster Zeba Tarannum

Global Warming Responsible For Wildfires

Global Warming Responsible For Wildfires

By Zeba Tarannum

According to a survey, Global warming is responsible for recent wildfires. The latest wildfire in California is also the adverse effect of this Global warming. According to researchers, global warming has a clear and widespread role in forest fires. They mention it has a connection with California wildfires. News from the BBC.

Wildfires have been raging in California since August. It is the worst wildfire in the last 18 years. They have also blamed President Donald Trump’s land management is responsible for it. The blaze killed at least 30 people and left thousands homeless.

The issue of wildfires in California has now become a political issue. California Governor Gavin Newsom has blamed climate change for the fire, but President Donald Trump has dismissed his allegations. He placed more emphasis on land management than environmental disasters.

However, in their research and review, scientists have identified these fires as the adverse effects of global warming. Earlier this year, he said the same thing for the 2019-2020 fires in Australia. The fires in Australia started almost dramatically.

Studies have shown that the increase in fires’ density and intensity is due to higher temperatures, lower humidity, less rainfall, and higher combination with the wind.

This new review is based on nearly 100 studies published since 2013. It says that global warming can cause extreme fires when increasingly hot and dry climates suppress the climate’s natural variability.

The director of the recent study, Matthew Jones, a professor at the University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom, said the incidence of fires in the current decade is 8 to 10 times higher than in previous decades.

But President Donald Trump does not blame the policy he followed for the fires. According to him, fires are created in the forest. There is no human hand in it.

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