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huge reservoirs discover in the womb of antarctica
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Huge reservoirs discover in the womb of Antarctica

Huge reservoirs discover in the womb of Antarctica


There is no escape from the curse of global warming. Glaciers are melting; the ozone layer is thinning. With increasing carbon emissions, the earth is burning in the heat. The temperature is rising day by day.

Research says the real danger lies in the melting of glaciers. Rising sea levels will flood coastal cities. This time they gave a more prominent warning.

A vast reservoir is hidden in the womb of Antarctica so that the 182-meter tall ‘Statue of Unity’ or the statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel of Gujarat can sink!

According to a new study, the amount of water in the belly of the icy polar region will form a lake when it comes out to the surface, and its depth will be at least 800 meters.

It says that the 182-meter high ‘Statue of Unity’ will sink. Researchers at Columbia University and Scripps Oceanography conducted the study.

Speaking on behalf of Scripps, Chloe Gustafson said: “It is essential to understand the nature of ice currents in Antarctica. Ninety percent of it is flowing. We guess that there is an underwater stream flowing under the ice. “

How much water is inside Antarctica is an idea, but it is impossible to know the exact amount. Scientists agree on this. The attempt has done with the help of electromagnetic technology.

According to scientist Helen Amando Fricker, “It can measure from 100 to 200 meters above the surface, not the rest. The technology does not work well in polar climates.”

Because, after a bit of water level, there is an ice sheet again. That is why it is not possible to properly understand the measurement of water.

Researchers say that the water reservoir in the womb of the poles is precisely the same as that of any other planet or moon. This water controls the internal temperature.

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