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Hundreds of Unprecedented wildfires spread across 12 states of the USA
Environmental Problems Zeba Tarannum

Hundreds of Unprecedented wildfires spread across 12 states of The USA

Hundreds of Unprecedented wildfires spread across 12 states of the USA

By Zeba Tarannum

More than half a million people are fleeing from the state of Oregon to escape the terrible wildfires in the United States. Authorities have confirmed the deaths of four people in the blaze. “The actual death toll is not yet known”, Governor Kate Brown said.

He mentioned that this fire is unprecedented. This information has been known from the report of the British media BBC.

In 12 western states of the United States, hundreds of wildfires have spread. The origins of the wildfires are mainly in Oregon, California, and Washington. At least 10 people have died in wildfires in California.

About 4.2 million people live in the state of Oregon. On Thursday (September 10) evening, from the state’s emergency management office it is said that more than 10 percent of local residents have to move to safer shelters.

A spokesman for the Oregon State Fire Marshal’s Office told the New York Times, ‘If your home or organization is going to be burnt on the fire, disconnect the gas. Otherwise, the gas will continue to burn. ‘

Governor Brown told a news conference, ‘We have never seen such uncontrolled fires in this state. And it’s not just a one-time event. This may be seen more frequently in the future. We are feeling the effects of climate change. “

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