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Twenty-five miles of green forest burned in a day in California
Amila Khan Environmental Problems

Twenty-five miles of green forest burned in a day in California

Twenty-five miles of green forest burned in a day in California

By Amila Khan

California is reminiscing about the Amazon fires. In one day, 25 miles of green forest reduced to ashes. The houses also burnt. The death toll has risen to 11, and it knows that the fire generates from lightning. The forest has been burning for the last three weeks. The fire is not going to be brought under control.

On the contrary, the fire is spreading fast due to strong winds, and three people died on September 09, 2020. In all, the death toll has risen to 11.

As one of the warmest areas in the United States, the flames are spreading rapidly. There is no relief even after the evacuation of about 2 lakh people in the area. Twelve thousand firefighters are working to control the fire, and the dry leafy forest is an ideal environment for spreading fire. That has doubled the danger.

Even bringing in firefighters and engines from multiple locations, including Texas, New Mexico, and San Francisco, will not control it. Also, the fire has caused a rise in temperature in California. It later understood that this fire was behind the weather.

The wildfires spread to the forests of Victoria, New South Wales, Australia, in the middle of last year. It has not yet calculated how many animals have burnt in it. Before that, the Amazon fires had spread panic in the minds of the world. That memory is provoking the fires of California.

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