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illegal plastic is increasingly entering india from nepal
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Illegal plastic is increasingly entering India from Nepal

Illegal plastic is increasingly entering India from Nepal

The end is not the finish. Illegal plastic bags are circulating hand in hand in India. The sale during the Puja occasion was the biggest proof of it. There are still countless hawkers offering shoppers stuff filled with illegal plastic.

Which raises the concern. Single-use plastics are banned in Kolkatta city. Plastic below 120 microns does not mix with soil. If it falls into a pond or water body, it damages those ecosystems.

The question arises, why is the use of plastic not stopped even after the pollution control board has locked down the factories in the city? Residents of Kolkata are also worried about this. The mayor said that illegal plastic is entering Kolkata from Nepal.

Recently, Debashis Roy complained to Kolkata Municipal Mayor Firhad Hakim from the Gitanjali Park area of ​​South Kolkata. According to the resident of Kalikapur, according to the rules of the pollution control board, the plastic carry bag must be 120 microns.

Despite that, the use of 50-micron plastic carry bags is rampant. This plastic does not mix with the soil. Dioxin and furan gas are produced from it when burned in fire. If it enters the body while breathing, there is a possibility of getting cancer.

60 factories were manufacturing illegal plastic in West Bengal. Kolkata’s Mahabirtala factory has been shut down by the Pollution Control Board.

Firhad Hakim, Mayor of Kolkatta City Corporation, said, “There are no more illegal plastic factories in Kolkata. All coming from abroad.

According to sources, these plastic bags are entering the city from Nepal. Going straight to Bagri Market. Many shopkeepers in the city and suburbs are buying from there.”

“The use of plastic bags will be completely stopped only if the Barabazar-Bagdi market is searched,” he added.

According to sources in the municipality, the municipality has planned to launch a joint operation with the pollution control board and the police after the puja occasion. The mayor opined that cooperation of all departments is needed to prevent plastic.

His regret, ‘sit shaky. But not everyone is cooperating. On that occasion, the illegal use of plastic is rampant. The use of such bags has also been seen in Puja shopping.

The mayor’s request, let the local police station spread the word. New guidelines have been issued for regular monitoring of neighborhood clubs in Pur Bazar.

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