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illegal sand trading is deteriorating the environment of hajiganj, bangladesh
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Illegal sand trading is deteriorating the environment of Hajiganj, Bangladesh

Illegal sand trading is deteriorating the environment of Hajiganj, Bangladesh


There are repeated complaints against the local leaders of the ruling party regarding the sand business in Chandpur. Besides, the open trading of the sand pollutes the Atmosphere and deteriorates the environment. People are suffering in the Hajiganj town area of the district.

Although there is an obligation to obtain clearance from the Department of Environment (DOE) for sand Trading, none of it has complied. As the sand traders are associated with the government party, they do not care about anything. Even though the entire municipal has been filled with sand, the local administration has taken no action.

Sand is flying day and night in Hajiganj town due to open storage and sand transport in uncovered trucks. People cannot stay at home and face a problem with opening shops. Many are unable to pay rent. Even the doctors and patients of the health complex are suffering. This occurs day after day.

Sand traders have become more reckless as the local administration has not taken action. According to Environment Conservation Rules, 1997, sand must cover when stored or transported anywhere.

Violation of the rules is punishable by fines and imprisonment. Although these rules have been violated in Hajiganj, the role of the Department of Environment is questionable here. Municipal authorities have also issued trade licenses to sand traders without environmental clearance. This is not acceptable at all.

The city’s residents suffer due to the sale of sand in open places, but they silently tolerate the matter. No one dares to speak against the sand traders associated with influential and ruling parties.

Several people in the area complained to the Environment Department and the District Commissioner. Also, it sent copies of the complaint to the head of the various departments, including the Superintendent of Police. There was no result.

The Environment Directorate of Chandpur informs that a list of people whose trading sand violates the rules is under work. After that, the campaign will start with the help of the local administration. The local MP has also directed the Upazila nirbahi officer (UNO) to take strict action against the unrolled traders.

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