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fish die off in polands rivers, polluting the environment
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Fish die off in Poland’s rivers, polluting the Environment

Fish die off in Poland’s rivers, polluting the Environment


The Oder River in Germany and Poland now flows with thousands of dead fish. So many dead fish are floating in the Oder River that both countries have to set up special mobile teams to rescue them.

Members of that group went out in boats every day, returning to shore with loads of dead fish. Due to some toxic material, the fish are no longer safe even in a safe shelter.

The water of the Oder River once shone with the sun’s light, and live silverfish floated in groups in that light. Light still plays in the water, but only dead fish float in that light. Since last July, fishes have been floating dead in the Oder River. Experts are sure that something toxic is mixed in the water, which is why the fish are dying. But what kind of poison is not yet known.

The way to detoxify the river is also unknown for now. ‘Poisonous water, Stay away from this river!’ are now shown on the banks of the Oder in both countries.

The people of Poland have never seen such a scene before. In one photo, two soldiers have seen retrieving dead fish from the Oder River in the city of Slubice.

Different fish are floating here and there in the Oder River in Krajnik Dolny. Army personnel is also spending busy time there rescuing dead fish.

Meanwhile, fire service workers, marine divers, the Federal Agency for Technical Relief, and the German Red Cross are trying to find out the cause of the death of thousands of tons of dead fish from the Oder River in Frankfurt, Germany.

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