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sukatra islands of unique beauty
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“Sukatra” – Islands of Unique Beauty

“Sukatra” – Islands of Unique Beauty


A strange island named Socotra is in the middle of the Arabian Sea. The Island is home to unique flora and fauna that cannot find anywhere else in the world. Just like the strange-looking plants here, so are the strange-looking animals here. That is why it is called Alien Island.


The entire picture-like archipelago landform consists of four islands, and Socotra is the biggest among them. The remaining three are Abd Al Quri, Darsa, and Samha.


The natural beauty of this Yemeni Island is simply unique. White sand beaches and rare species of flora and fauna make this region an unmissable sight. A variety of rare species of plants can see across the Island. In some places on the Island, there are umbrella-like trees called Dragon Tree, and in some areas, there are Gnarled Trees. Even if a tree is leafless, flowers bloom on the branches. Such a strange structure of the plants is especially eye-catching.


Dragon Tree is the unique tree in the world. This tree is not seen anywhere else in the world. A red sticky substance obtains from this peculiarly shaped umbellate plant, which uses in making Ayurvedic Medicines and dyes. The tree is so famous that even Yemen’s currency bears its image.

These trees look like umbrellas from a distance due to the dense canopy of green leaves on the upper part. They only grow about three feet in ten years. Trees of this species live for more than 650 years.

Another strange plant on this Island is Dendrosicyos (A cucumber tree). On which yellow and pink flowers bloom. According to the researchers, the severe water shortage and extreme temperatures have caused the trees to look so strange.

Socotra Island has more than 800 plants of this rare species. Of these, 307 species do not exist anywhere else in the world.

Not only plants but also various species of animals in this region are also unique. According to National Geographic, the Island has 35 species of animals, 29 of which are reptiles. Due to its beauty, Socotra Island has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2008.

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