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india is at the bottom of the environmental index
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India is at the bottom of the environmental index

India is at the bottom of the environmental index

When we go out, the sun shines brightly in the daytime. The light o the air whipped the eyes and face. Taking away all the vitality of the body in one blow.

But why is this unusually hot? For what reason every year the heatwave continues to increase every day? Who is the real ‘villain’ of this drastic increase in temperature?

The answer is global warming. And climate change as a result. We are constantly suffering the consequences of this. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

Almost everyone knows this. Global warming and climate change have been discussed many times before. But what has yet to discuss is one of the main reasons behind plastic pollution.

 India ranks lowest in Environment Performance Index. India is number 180 out of 180 countries. Pakistan, Bangladesh, Zambia, Ethiopia, Iraq, and Sudan are ahead of India.

According to United Nations documents, more than 400 million plastic products are produced annually worldwide. At least 50 percent of this is ‘single-use’ plastic. Only 10 percent can be ‘recycled,’ i.e., reusable.

Plastic waste accumulates in rivers and ponds and even at the bottom of the sea, destroying the species of aquatic animals. Why only the bottom of the sea! Mount Everest, the highest place in the world, did not escape from it.

According to the study, microplastics are slowly accumulating in the human body. Which results in various types of complex diseases. Every year multiple initiatives are taken to reduce the use of plastic in India.

Rules are also issued. But despite all this, it is clear that we are the whale we were on.

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