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industrialization increases environmental pollution on a large scale
Bangladesh Environmental Economics

Industrialization increases environmental pollution on a large scale

Industrialization increases environmental pollution on a large scale

A beautiful environment is the most necessary for survival of lives. If the environment is not favorable, it is not possible to live healthy on Earth. But as time goes on, the environment is becoming unfavorable for human survival. Much of this departure is attributed to the idiosyncrasies of human civilization.

When we talk about the environment, the first thing that comes up is environmental pollution. Environmental pollution is getting worse every day, making it a challenge for human civilization to survive. The challenge is greater especially for countries that are populous and in financial crisis.

What are the causes of pollution that need to be discussed? Environmental pollution can occur in various ways. The causes of pollution may vary from country to country.

In Bangladesh, vehicle exhaust, brick kilns, and road dust are causing increased pollution in the environment. As population increases, vehicles increase and industrialization leads to new factories.

Industrialization is important, but we must also take steps to prevent pollution caused by it. Due to increasing number of vehicles, the hydraulic horns of these vehicles are increasing the level of noise pollution.

As a result of which the hearing power is decreasing as well as causing various physical and mental diseases. Water pollution has taken the most complex form.

Harmful industrial wastes are entering the river due to improper management. The river water is getting polluted because farmers are using chemical fertilizers and pesticides to improve crop production. As a result of application, these chemical fertilizers get mixed with water and water pollution is fast.

On one hand the water is polluted and on the other hand the challenge of growing more crops. Coordination between the two is not possible.

As a result, these waters are becoming unusable. And those who are using this water in danger are suffering from various diseases. As a result, animals and the environment are under serious threat.

We know that 25 percent of the country needs to be forested to maintain the country’s balance. Forests of the country are being destroyed due to various reasons. Deforestation is taking place at the individual level as well as at the government level.

Besides this, the trees in protected forests are being destroyed at night, while industrialization is expanding in forested areas.

Even after obtaining permission to use some land, the industrial owners are occupying the space as they wish. Not even half of the amount of deforestation is being planted. As a result, desertification is created. On the other hand, the mountain cutting festival is going on.

Also, one of the most popular consumer goods today is plastic. The use of this product is increasing day by day. This plastic is not decomposable, causing serious damage to the soil. When burning, it also produces hydrogen which is harmful to the body.

Its use should be limited first and then completely stopped. Polythene is the most dangerous waste in today’s context. There is no end to this waste.

So it is important to stop polythene and increase the use of jute products. The government has at various times taken some ill-conceived decisions to stop its use which have not been implemented.

Dhaka, our capital, consistently ranks as one of the most polluted cities. One of the reasons for this is overpopulation. Overpopulation is resulting in unplanned urbanization. The city is failing to take the pressure. As a result, our beloved city is getting polluted in various ways.

The country is severely affected by natural disasters. The environment is endangered due to natural disasters such as floods, droughts, tidal waves, cyclones.

At present, high levels of arsenic in the underground water of Bangladesh have become dangerous for water use. Arsenic is being detected in water in most districts of the country. In the present context, the most noticeable environmental pollution is global warming.

Greenhouse emissions are causing the ozone layer to deplete, allowing more sun radiation to reach the earth’s surface. As a result, heat is being trapped along with dust, carbon, and other gases, leading to a rise in the earth’s surface temperature.

As a result, the frozen ice at the two poles and the Himalayan peaks has started to melt. Environmental disaster has become inevitable.

According to a report called Bangladesh Country Environment Analysis (CEA), more than 272,000 premature deaths occur every year due to air pollution, unsafe water, poor sanitation and hygiene, and lead pollution.
And this results in 5.2 billion days a year spent ill.

In 2019, Bangladesh’s GDP was equivalent to 17.6% loss due to these environmental causes. Air pollution, both indoors and outdoors, has a significant negative impact on health. It is responsible for 55% of premature deaths and is equivalent to 8.32% of GDP in 2019.

Economic growth cannot be sustainable if it damages the environment. Bangladesh needs to pay attention to the environment to keep growing and improve people’s lives in both urban and rural areas.

Preventing environmental degradation and ensuring climate resilience are critical to achieving the goal of becoming an upper-middle income country.

Environmental pollution is taking a toll on children. Lead poisoning is causing irreversible damage to children’s brain development.

This results in an estimated IQ loss of about 20 million points per year. Cooking with solid fuels at home is a major cause of air pollution, especially affecting women and children.

The water quality of rivers in Bangladesh has got a lot worse because of different types of waste like industrial waste, unregulated plastics, and untreated dirty water from other sources.

Current leaders must make the right decisions to create a better world for future generations. It is our commitment to make the world habitable by taking the right steps at the right time.

Overpopulated and underdeveloped countries like Bangladesh are being greatly affected by the increasing inhabitability of Earth.

Developed countries have repeatedly talked about various steps in this regard but are not taking any steps in reality. In the present context, the developed world is doing more industrialization and it is affecting us. Due to which the climate is changing rapidly. Animals are under threat today.

There is no alternative to taking holistic measures to get rid of it. The problem is not of any country alone, it is the problem of the whole world.

Some more, some less. We need to fully meet the commitments we make or have made in the past on World Environment Day. The commitment is not only on paper, it must be implemented on the ground.

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