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international family day 2024 celebrated in dhaka
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International Family Day 2024 celebrated in Dhaka

International Family Day 2024 celebrated in Dhaka

Last 15 May 2024, Thursday was the International Day of Families. WBB Trust (Work for a Better Bangladesh)organized a discussion meeting in Dhaka on May 16, 2024 AD. The meeting included various socio-cultural organizations, educational institutions, NGOs, sports organizations, environmental organizations, and news media. (News-Press Release). ‍

international family day 2024 celebrated in dhaka
International Family Day 2024 celebrated in Dhaka

The oldest institution in the world is the family. Every year, we observe Family Day to help families adapt to the changing global situation. The theme is set based on this objective. This year the theme of Family Day is” Families and Climate Change” with emphasis on climate change and its impact on families.

Last 16 May 2024, Thursday, at 11.00 a.m., a meeting titled “Health Promotion Foundation Wants to Ensure Family Health” was organized in Kaivart meeting room of WBBT to mark the day. Md Mithune, Project Officer of WBBT was hosted the event where Nasima Akhter Jolly, Joint Secretary of National Girl Child Advocacy Forum; Mahfuza Jasmine, Special Representative of Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha (BSS); Aminul Islam Sujan, Treasurer of Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon (BAPA) and Syeda Ananya Rahman, Program Head of WBBT were present as honored guests. Shanjida Akhtar, Communication Officer of the WBBT, presented the main article in the meeting.

Shanjida Akhter said in the original article that rapid climate change has become a major problem in the entire world today. Due to this rapid change in climate, the environment, public health as well as the families are also facing damages in various ways. Rapid climate change is creating new problems, including increased health risks for family members, lack of food and nutrition, and economic problems. In this reality, through a planned and well-organized management, it is possible to move towards an effective solution by establishing a health promotion foundation to protect public health. Health Promotion Foundation has shown success by conducting various activities, including research, advocacy, networking in 11 countries of the world in the development of public health and environment. Coordinated action plans are needed to avoid future health risks to family members and to mitigate the effects of rapid climate change.

The speakers emphasized that health is a multifaceted matter. Health and medicine must be distinguished. To ensure the good health of all categories of people, including women, children, disabled people, not only medicine or medical dependence, but preventive health system should be developed. This system can be financed by taxation on products harmful to the environment and public health. This will reduce the use of harmful products on the one hand and improve public health on the other.

Speakers also said that climate change has emerged as a major crisis at present and may take a more dire shape in the future. Climate change is caused by unplanned urbanization which is one of the causes of heatstroke. Food prices may increase by up to 30% in the future due to reduced fertility of agricultural land due to climate change. Attention should be paid to the fact that the change in people’s habits is not negative and does not have a negative impact on health. In this case, it is necessary to create a safe environment for walking, increase the fields-parks and open spaces, and create environment-friendly living and safe eating environment. The Health Promotion Foundation will play a crucial role in addressing these issues. The institute will coordinate various government, private and private organizations to conduct overall health development activities.

The organizations and institutions, including media centre from Dhaka that participated in the events were: Rayer Bazar High School, Dhanmondi Kachikanth High School, Dhaka Idea Cadet School, Bengali Medium High School, Confident Memorial High School, Dhaka International University, Chayatal Bangladesh, Chupiya Women’s Association, Souhard Women’s Welfare Association, Souchna Foundation, Keraniganj Human Resource Development Society, Children’s Free Air Consumption Organization, HELP Foundation, Humanitarian Aid Society (MSS), DEP, Creative Society Development Center, Navnita, HID Bangladesh, DICS, Tetultala Math Andolan Parishad, Bangladesh Women’s Association, Deepta Foundation, Aid Foundation, Tobacco Control and Research Cell Representatives, Poornima Women’s Association, Community Green Heritage and Development Society, Village Integrated Development Association, DSK, Love the Neighborhood, Dainik Sonali Khabar, Institute of Wellbeing Bangladesh.

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