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jamuna fertilizer factory (bangladesh) has turned into a pollution factory
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Jamuna fertilizer factory (Bangladesh) has turned into a pollution factory

Jamuna fertilizer factory (Bangladesh) has turned into a pollution factory

The country’s largest Jamuna Fertilizer Company Limited in Jamalpur has become an environmental pollution factory. At least 12,000 people in 5 villages around the factory face extreme suffering due to the massive amount of ammonia gas emitted. However, there needs to be an initiative to remedy this by the concerned authorities.

Jamuna Fertilizer Factory was established in 1991. Since its inception, it has been polluting the water bodies along with the nearby Jamuna river and its tributaries. Every year fishes die in these rivers and reservoirs. Besides, crops and plants are dying in nearby villages due to the effect of ammonia gas.

According to factory sources, the factory regularly emits large quantities of liquefied ammonia gas, which spreads poison on a large scale 1 or 2 times a year. The wastewater mixed with urea fertilizers is seriously polluting the nearby pits, ponds, and rivers. Residents are only able to use tube well water after boiling it.

Farmers claimed, “They are facing an extreme crisis in the production of crops in the lands around the factory. Ammonia gas emitted from factories causes damage to crops, but farmers do not get any compensation.”

When the factory emits large amounts of gas, students from nearby schools cannot attend classes because of the gas’s bad smell. Various diseases, including eye disease and skin disease, are common there.

Mariam Begum of Tarakandi village said, “I cannot grow vegetables because of ammonia gas. Cannot sleep properly at night due to Loud noises.

Mohammad Hanif, a farmer in Chechia Banda village, said, “Due to the release of toxic substances from this factory, we could not cultivate.” He demanded compensation from the factory.

Abdullah Al Mamun, Agricultural Officer of Sarishabari Upazila, said, “The ammonia gas emitted outside the factory harms the human body and agricultural land.

If someone breathes in such toxic air for a long time, if this gas enters someone’s eyes and mouth, it can cause physical damage.”

Jahangir Salim, President of Jamalpur Environment Protection Movement, said, “The demand for installation of anti-pollution technology in the Jamuna Fertilizer Factory has been for a long time. However, the concerned authorities are not taking any action.”

Masud Rana, Assistant Director of the Jamalpur Environment Department, said, “I have received a complaint of environmental pollution from the Jamuna Fertilizer Factory in the area.

The higher authorities have also been informed. They have warned the concerned authorities not to pollute the environment.”

Shahidullah Khan, Managing Director of Jamuna Fertilizer Factory, said, “Many times, the factory needs to release ammonia. This is the normal process. However, the issue of installing anti-pollution technology depends on the decision of the BCIC or the Ministry of Industry.”

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