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joe biden is going to take strict action on climate change
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Joe Biden is going to take strict action on climate change

Joe Biden is going to take strict action on climate change


Much of Europe is in the grip of a heat wave. Temperatures are rising in America too. In this situation, US President Joe Biden announced strict measures on climate change.

Standing at an old thermal power plant in Massachusetts, Biden said that since taking the oath of office as president, he has tried to take several steps on climate change, but not all have succeeded.

He pointed the finger at the US Congress and Senate for this. Biden expresses his disappointment with this and wants to use the president’s special powers to introduce new laws and regulations.

After coming to power, Biden announced several climate-related decisions. He said that steps would adopt jointly with various states to combat global warming.

But in reality, it was not possible. Biden claimed he would start those tasks using the president’s special powers this time.

Biden wants to announce a fund of two and a half billion US dollars. This fund will build infrastructure related to climate change in various states. According to him, many states of the USA are continuously affected by heat waves, droughts, fires, and floods.

The government takes action if any incident occurs. But with the new fund, measures will adopt to prevent the incident. That’s why it’s essential to build the infrastructure in advance.

Besides building infrastructure, Biden also talked about helping poor people. He wants to stand by those who do not have the means to keep their house cool in summer.

He said that they should help by planning. He also said to encourage those companies that have developed environment-friendly processes.

Biden has talked about this plan before. But his plan failed to pass in Congress and the Senate of the USA.

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