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joe biden signs the largest money bill to combat climate change
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Joe Biden signs the largest money bill to combat climate change

Joe Biden signs the largest money bill to combat climate change


Joe Biden, US President, has signed a bill of 750 billion or 75 trillion dollars. As a result, the bill became law. It is the largest climate package in US history. The bill aims to tackle climate change and pay for health care by raising taxes on the wealthy.

According to the report, the legislation includes the implementation of decades of promises by Congress to lower prescription drug prices. This law was one of Biden’s announced programs.

The final version is more modest than the $3.5 trillion package that Democrats first planned.

After signing the bill, Biden said it was the “final piece” of his domestic agenda. The package of the bill includes an allocation of 37 thousand 5 billion dollars for combating climate change. This is the largest central investment in the United States on this issue.

Joe Manchin, Senator of West Virginia, among the Democratic leaders, was present during the bill signing ceremony at the White House.

According to the party de n, supporting the ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ was very important. Biden heavily criticized Republicans at the event.

He said, “At this historic moment, Democrats sided with the American people, and every Republican sided with special interests.”

The bill expects to give Democrats an even more significant advantage in the midterm elections. US voters will vote next November. It will determine who will be in control of Congress for the next two years.

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