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Jute Fields Provides Oxygen
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A 0.08 ha Jute Fields Provides 27 Metric Tons of Oxygen

A 0.08 ha Jute Fields Provides 27 Metric Tons of Oxygen

By Sadia Noor Portia (7th semester – English Department,
Independent University, Bangladesh)

Lokman Hossain Mia, Secretary, Ministry of Textile and Jute, Bangladesh said on 5th March in a press conference on the occasion of the National Jute Day.

Jute Minister Ghulam Dastagir Gazi was also speaking on that occasion. The Minister and the Secretary were addressed on account of various use of jute and jute’s product and its environmental positive impact.

A 0.08 ha Jute Fields Provides 27 Metric Tons of Oxygen
A 0.08 ha Jute Fields Provides 27 Metric Tons of Oxygen

The secretary said “Jute plants provide higher amounts of oxygen than other plants. The jute of one Bigha (0.08 ha) land provides 27 metric tons of oxygen.”

He also said “From the bark of jute, the jute leaf, raw jute – everything can be used. Besides, the juice of jute leaf is also used as organic herbs. Jute also protects the balance of the environment.”

He continued “Jute production is possible within just three months. Bangladesh is working jointly with Germany. In the meantime, jute leaves of 50 lakh taka were purchased. After getting the certificate from Germany, it will be heavily marketed.”

The minister informed the conference that during the last jute production season, 74.46 lakh raw jute had been produced in the country. During the July-January of last year, export revenue from jute and jute goods stood at 616.20 million dollars.

The Prime Minister called for attention to waste management and environmental protection in set upping industries

Last year, the revenue was 482 crore million dollars. This year’s export revenue is 20.82% higher than the last year.

The secretary informed and said “One lakh pieces of golden jute bags will be provided as the alternative of polythene in the next two months.

The market demand is 10-20 lakh pieces. If the project is implemented, farmers will be trained about the advanced techniques of jute cultivation.”

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