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835 kgs plastic waste was cleaned from St. Martin, Bangladesh

835 kgs plastic waste was cleaned from St. Martin, Bangladesh

By Tahsin Taha (Student, Dept. of Law,
North-South University, BD)

At different times it has been seen that people from different classes of professions have taken various steps to clean plastic and polythene waste. The pollution caused by plastics is increasing day by day. Various initiatives have been taken at the public and private l levels to clean up plastic waste.

The plastic waste is causing more environmental contamination in tourist centers. The people who come to the tourist spots are leaving this plastic and polythene.

This time, 208 teachers and students of the third year of Chittagong Medical College have cleaned 835 kg of plastic waste from St. Martin Beach. These wastes are filled in 101 bags and kept in one place.

St. Martin Island is the focal point of tourist attraction. This is one of the most tourist destinations in Bangladesh. Every year, countless people crowd here. As a result, polythene is stored in large quantities.

Due to the lack of awareness of the people who come here, degradable materials of various forms that create waste including polythene are stored and the environment of the blue water island is polluted.

The 203 students from the third year of the 60th MBBS batch of Chattagram Medical College went to St. Martin’s Island on a field training program on the 25th of February.

Then on 26th February, five teachers of the Medical Collage joined with them.

Students come down to the ground and collect plastic waste. Meanwhile, Fariduddin Ahmed, assistant professor of Chittagong Medical College said that “In the future, there will be a raid on the beaches of different parts of the country.”

The other college teachers hope that tourists will take wastes, including polythene and plastic seeing the expedition.

Teachers Umme Taslima Jahan and Rahnuma Rubayat said,” The students who came here had learned a lot. How to make life better.”

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