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law alone cannot save the environment unless people come forward
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Law alone cannot save the environment unless people come forward

Law alone cannot save the environment unless people come forward


It is impossible to protect the agricultural lands, rivers, canals, and streams due to the development of industries here and there. Pollution is all around. Legislation alone cannot protect the environment from industrial pollution. People from all walks of life need to protect the environment.

These were the speakers’ words at the discussion meeting on ‘Protection of rivers and water bodies from industrial pollution in Habiganj’ at the auditorium of Habiganj Municipal Town Hall, Sylhet, Bangladesh.

The Habiganj District Branch of Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon (BAPA) has organized the event, chaired by Sultana Kamal, the BAPA Central Executive Committee chairperson. The chief guest was Nazrul Islam, head of the UN Department of Development Studies and an environmentalist.

Speaking as the chief guest, Nazrul Islam said, “The gas and electricity system of Habiganj has become a nightmare for the district. Now the big industrial establishments of the country are buying agricultural land of this district and building factories. We are not against this industry, but the industry will develop in certain places. The farmland of this district has been lost due to the establishment of industries here and there. “

Stating the severe condition of using rivers due to industrial pollution, Nazrul Islam said, “Respective industries must develop a central waste treatment plant system to protect the area’s rivers and other water bodies from pollution. People must work together against pollution. If the people’s representatives don’t get involved in this movement of the people, it must assume that they are not on the side of the people.”

Sultana Kamal said, “The law alone cannot protect the environment alone. The people of the respected area need to be aware to protect the environment. Maybe 5-6 people are polluting the environment. But on the contrary, if 500 people remain silent, the whole society becomes powerless. So, everyone has to work to protect the environment.”

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