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men have a more notable role than women in increasing global warming
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Men have a more notable role than women in increasing global warming

Men have a more notable role than women in increasing global warming


Men consume 40 percent more non-vegetarian food than women, which is related to the acceleration of warming due to climate change – revealed by a recent study.

Based on the statistics, the study claims that such a consumption ratio of men makes them more responsible for accelerating warming due to climate change than women.

According to the research, one-fourth of food-related emissions come from optional foods and beverages such as coffee, alcohol, cakes, and sweets.

Scientists say the principles that promote sustainable food should give more importance to plant-based foods, which will create more opportunities to move away from drinks and sweets.

Furthermore, food production is responsible for 30 percent of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. Several previous studies have shown that meat consumption in rich countries needs to reduce to prevent climate change.

The increase in meat consumption has led to increased methane gas emissions and deforestation related to animal husbandry.

The new research article gets published in the journal PLOS One. It analyzed data on carbon emissions from 3,200 foods. In addition, the eating habits of 212 people in the United Kingdom have got examined.

During the study, they recorded data on food and drank intake for three days; this shows that livestock products account for about half of the average food greenhouse gas emissions.

Meat is responsible for 31 percent and dairy products for 14 percent. Drinks account for 15 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, and cakes, biscuits, and sweets account for 8 percent.

A protein diet increases greenhouse gas emissions by up to 59 percent compared to vegetarian diets. Men’s eating habits are responsible for 41 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions because men are accustomed to eating more meat and drink.

Holly Ripin, a researcher at the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom, led the study. He said that “We all want to do something to save the world. Changing eating habits can be a way for this. For this, we have to stop eating red meat and stop eating sweets. “

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