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occupancy and pollution are increasing in coxs bazar
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Occupancy and pollution are increasing in Cox’s Bazar

Occupancy and pollution are increasing in Cox’s Bazar

adnan mahfuz tazvir

Cox’s Bazar, one of the country’s richest environments and biodiversity hotspots, competes for possession and pollution.  Forests, mountains, rivers, seas, nothing is being saved from the clutches of the occupiers.

A group of influential people is carrying out these activities by disobeying the orders and verdicts of the high court.  Individuals in the private sector, even government agencies, are wreaking havoc.

These were the speakers’ words at a national conference on ‘Environmental Disaster Prevention’ organized by Bangladesh Environmental Movement-Bella and Youth Environment Society (YES) at a hotel in Cox’s Bazar.

They informed at the conference that 19 cases had been registered so far to protect the environment of Cox’s Bazar.  The high court has given verdicts and orders in many of them.  But most of them are not being implemented.  The speakers demanded implementing the high court directions to save Cox’s Bazar.

At the conference, various environmental organizations and journalists from Cox’s Bazar identified several city problems.  They said that some people had started real estate businesses by occupying the Bankkhali river flowing through the city, and some have built shrimp farms.

Hotels and motels are being built by cutting paragon.  Occupancy pollution kills St. Martin, the only coral island in the country.  Construction of installations is going on by clearing the hills.

Thus, the hills, forests, and rivers of Cox’s Bazar are being occupied day by day.  The list of occupants includes politicians, government officials, businessmen, and many other influential people.

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Forkan Ahmed, Chairman Cox’s Bazar Development Authority (CoxDA), was addressed at the conference as the chief guest under the chairmanship of Fazlul Quader Chowdhury, President of Cox’s Bazar Branch of Bangladesh Environment Movement (BAPA).  Syeda Rizwana Hasan, Chief Executive Officer of BELA, delivered the welcome address.

Among others, Additional Deputy Commissioner (Revenue) Al Amin Parvez, Divisional Forest Officer (North) Anwarul Islam Sarkar, Divisional Forest Officer (South) Sarwar Alam, Cox’s Bazar Municipality Panel Mayor Shahena Akter Pakhi, District Council Member Asmaul Husna, Deputy Director Of Environment Department, Nazmul Huda, Cox’s Bazar Chamber of Commerce President Abu Morshed Chowdhury Khoka, CEO of ‘YES’ Ibrahim Khalil Mamun has spoked.

Some irrational influential quarters have started destroying the environment by showing their political power to the laws and policies.  In many cases, the environment of Cox’s Bazar is being harmed due to the government’s short-sighted decision.

He said that there is no alternative to conserving the sea, beaches, rivers, hills, and forests to protect the unique natural beauty of Cox’s Bazar.  But the directives of the high court for the protection of life and nature are being ignored repeatedly.

Those who speak out against the occupiers face various threats, lawsuits, and attacks.  Cox’s Bazar is the pride of all Bangladesh.  Everyone must come forward to protect our existence.

Cox’s Bazar Development Authority (CoxDA) Chairman Forkan Ahmed called upon government agencies as well as non-governmental organizations and the media to come forward to protect the environment in Cox’s Bazar.  He said that there is no rule for allocating 700 acres of forest land in Cox’s Bazar in the name of the administration cadre.

Forkan Ahmed said, “I have a list of illegal occupants. Sometimes we want to list all the occupants in a public meeting and inform the people.  But we have so many limitations that we can’t do anything.”

He also added, “There is much to be said, but it cannot be mentioned particularly. The influential political peoples have illegal shops.  We hope for a united transformation of Cox’s Bazar.”

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