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Nature has regained its Form due to Corona Lockdown
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Nature has regained its Form due to Corona Lockdown

Nature has regained its Form due to Corona Lockdown

Original: Jannatul Maw
Translated: Adnan Tazvir

There is no unbearable sound and noise, perhaps this is the reason why the gurgling sound of the waterfall falling from the chest of the mountain from a long distance is heard in the ears. The sound becomes sweeter as you move inwards.

Crickets are sounding in the bushes nearby which are making noise waves in the forest. The whimsical monkey is tearing the leaves by jumping on the branches of the trees. Wild grass, wild herbs, snails, and mountain crabs are grazing on the rocks.

After a long time, the Madhabkund waterfall of Patharia hill in Baralekha of Moulvibazar, Bangladesh has regained its heavenly form. Everywhere around the waterfall now there is natural solitude, nature is adorned with amazing beauty.

Madhabkund Eco-park, like all other tourist destinations in the country, has been closed since last April in the second phase due to corona infection. Tourists are not permitted for visiting here.

Mr. Woan Bar El Giri, the head of the Khasia Punji tribe (Indigenous local group) of the Madhabkund adjacent to the waterfall, grew up there. They know themselves as children of nature. In front of their eyes, they saw how Madhabkund waterfall has changed. They spend their days watching what kind of life is being lost and changed.

“The Madhabkund Eco-park is now closed due to lockdown,” He told that the environment has become very beautiful in this opportunity. It looks great. It looks like the way I saw Madhabkund when I was a child. The forest Roosters are roaming freely in groups.

The wild Roosters are seen more before evening. The number of monkeys is seen also more and Stay in the trees all day. Its looks are very amazing. The grass is growing more because people do not walk on it. The falling water also looks very clear. Hundreds of snails and crabs are roaming everywhere. It’s great to see. ‘

It has been seen on the spot that algae have accumulated on the way to Madhabkund Eco-park.
Wild grass has sprouted in various places along the path and brunches of various kinds of trees and herbs have covered the path also.

In the street, on the side of the road, small snails are scattered on the rocks of the fountain. The mountain crabs are running around and again they are covering their bodies in the gaps as soon as they get a little response. Indigenous youths are fishing to get nets in different places of the waterfall. There is no sound other than the sound of the waterfall.

Saidul Islam, gateman of Madhabkund Eco-park, said that it is very nice to see the inside of the eco-park now. The roads have become slippery due to algae accumulation due to a lack of human movements. Lots of snails, mountain crabs are moving around. Monkeys and wild Roosters are roaming normally. Tourists are not seen that way.

According to the locals, Madhabkund Eco-park is a tourist hotspot during Eid festivals. However, the tourists did not visit there because of the ongoing lockdown. The Eco-park area is now quiet, noise-free. There is no noise of humans.

There is no mechanical sound of vehicle movements also. However, the Madhabkund Eco-park has been closed two times due to the crisis of Corona. About 15 photographers make a living by taking pictures of tourists. There are different types of itinerant traders in connection with the Eco-park. They are now spending idle time and they’re at risk of livelihood became.

Photographer Jewel Ahmed said, ‘Because of no tourists here, our livelihood is being closed. I am facing a lot of trouble as the Eco-park became closed. We are in trouble and living now by borrowing money from others.

“We have been at loss for a year,” said Kabir Ahmed, a businessman attached to the Madhabkund district council post-Bangalow. During the Eid festival, our business had been running good and we were been being running our families full of the year by this times earnings. But due to this lockdown, we could not do our businesses this year’s Eid festival. I face now a lot of trouble. Occasionally, I open the shop but didn’t get any customers.

Shekhar Ranjan Das, Range Officer of Madhabkund Forest Range, Bangladesh Forest Department, said, “Since Madhabkund is closed, lives have returned to nature and the interior scenarios become very beautiful and we go there every day.”

Ref: Pothom Alo

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