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On Mars, strong evidence of the presence of water discovered
Aivee Akther Environmental Science

On Mars, strong evidence of the presence of water discovered

On Mars, strong evidence of the presence of water discovered


 Until now, several attempts to find out the existence of life outside our Earth continued. Scientists’ first choice to explore this fascination is at our neighboring planet Mars. Does water exist there? This question remains eternal.

However, all the recent research on Mars seems to have positive findings. Previous multiple sampling experiments had found somewhat little/weak evidence of water on the red planet. This time more strong evidence is going to come in hand.

National Aeronautics and Space Administrations (NASA’s) spacecraft Perseverance (rover) has collected and sent several rocks from Mars. Those stones/rocks are assuming to be volcanic. If that is the case, then there is water on Mars, scientists say.

Last week, NASA’s Perseverance sent two samples of stones. One call ‘ Montdenier,’ the other ‘ Montagnac’,’ These Stones are slightly wider than the diameter of a pencil and are 6 feet long. Perseverance has stored the stones in its cavity.

Initially, NASA scientists are assuming that all these samples are representing volcanic rock. Ken Farley, NASA’s chief scientist on the Mars mission, said: “The size of this rock is the same as the first rock of our Earth. Therefore, we think the stone belongs to any habitable place. If so, that part of Mars will be habitable.”

However, what does the existence of water have to do with this volcano? Well, studies claim that rocks formed from volcanic rock contain minerals and aqueous parts. As the Magma rises towards the surface and cools, the pressure reduces, crystals form, and the water releases as vapor through volcanoes.

If it will find this same feature by examining the rock samples from Mars, then NASA scientists will be clear that Mars also had a volcanic eruption like Earth and that rock was formed due to chemical reactions.

Scientists also think that the womb of Mars had a water level for a long time. However, it will take another 8-9 years to complete all research regarding Mars. NASA says that it will be possible to give all the detailed information in 2030.

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