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Fourteen hungered Dolphins were killed on an Island in Denmark
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Fourteen hundred Dolphins were killed on an Island in Denmark

Fourteen hundred Dolphins were killed on an Island in Denmark


‘Brutal’ is a term that refers to describe cruelty. However, no one can be held responsible for killing for no apparent reason. Instead, it is the individuals who are accountable for the brutality.

Denmark has provided a new illustration of this. As part of the government’s initiative, innocent dolphins got killed in one day. On the Faroe island of Denmark, 1,400 dolphins got dead on Tuesday (14th September 2021). The sight of rows upon rows of dolphin carcasses astounded the netizens.

Why were so many dolphins killed? A government spokesman told the media that whaling has a tradition in the North Atlantic Islands. It is natural for those who do not know about the hunting process to be surprised.

Although he did say there is a whaling tradition, there is no tradition associated with dolphin hunting in the area. Even then, the controversy surrounding such treatment of helpless animals is growing.

The government has also described how the killing was carried out by surrounding the victim from all sides. In such a situation, the residents are also angry with the government.

Fifty-three percent of the islanders are vehemently opposed to such hunting. Last year too, they were vocal in their condemnation of the numerous whale killings. Many people have also opposed the killing of dolphins.

Netizens were also angry to see the lined-up corpses of dolphins. Many people have erupted in protest after seeing the dead bodies of dolphins on the beach. Dolphins are, by nature, human ‘friends.’ Many were amazed at their intelligence. Netizens have strongly objected to the killing of those animals.

Notably, about 600 whales are killed on the island every year without any reason. In general, the number of pilot whales is more than 0.1 million. But experts fear that if whale killing increases, they will also be endangered.

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