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Plague patient identified in California
Adnan Mahfuz Tazvir Bubonic Plague

Plague patient identified in California

Plague patient identified in California

By Adnan Mahfuz

A plague patient has identified in California, USA, within five years. The patient is receiving medical treatment at home. Earlier in 2015, plague patients were found in this state.

This person was affected by plague after getting bitten by an infected fly near the area of local Truckee river. The plague has spreader in many places in California.

In this case, the local authorities are advising people to follow particular rules while staying outdoors. Authorities are telling locals to stay careful in places where wild rats live.

The incidence of plague is infrequent for humans but can be very serious, and people need to be a cautious plague.

Plague is mostly spread by fly bites that can infect humans through squirrels and other wild rats. Dogs and cats can also carry the plague virus.

If it’s detected early, the infectious disease can quickly treat with antibiotics; however, symptoms of frequent plagues, such as nausea, fever, lymph node blockage, and other symptoms appear about two weeks later. In the United States, seven people are infected with the plague each year.

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