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Saudi Arabia to plant 1 trillion trees to tackle climate change
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Saudi Arabia to plant 1 trillion trees to tackle climate change

Saudi Arabia to plant 1 trillion trees to tackle climate change

By Zeba Tarannum

The Middle East’s most powerful country said they want to lead in regional environmental programs. Under Saudi Arabia’s ‘Middle East Green Initiative’s project, 4 trillion trees will plant in other Arab countries.

Saudi Arabia, known as the world’s largest oil extractor, is set to launch a “Green forestry initiative” on a large scale across the country. The country plans to plant one trillion trees to tackle climate change.
Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman announced the initiative by mentioning the country wants to reduce its carbon emissions by 2030.

As the world’s leading oil extractor, he said we are fully aware of our role in advancing the fight against the climate crisis. In the age of oil and gas, we have played a leading role in the fuel market; now, it is time to lead the world for the next green age.

This plan is part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 plan, adopted for Saudi Arabia’s socio-economic and environmental development. Moreover, the crown prince wants to reduce oil dependence on the Saudi economy.

The Crown prince said, ‘To address the climate crisis in Saudi Arabia and the entire Gulf region, reducing global carbon emissions is needed; Otherwise, the countries will face serious economic risks.’

The Middle East’s most powerful country said it wants to take the lead in regional environmental programs. Under their ‘Middle East Green Initiative’ project, Saudi Arabia also said another 4 trillion trees will be planted in other Arab countries.

According to Saudi’s Crown Prince, this will be the most extensive forest restoration program in the world.

He said Saudi Arabia’s green initiative renewable energy projects would reduce more than 4% in global carbon emissions. Not only that, it will meet 50% of the state’s electricity demand.

Other countries in the region have also announced various environmental plans. As Qatar has already stated, they will plant 16,000 trees to host the next year’s FIFA World Cup.

However, the statement did not elaborate on how this huge action plan would implement in a desert country with a limited water supply.

Source: The Independent

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