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some miscreants cut islands  in madaripur, bangladesh, for personal gain
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Some Miscreants cut islands  in Madaripur, Bangladesh, for personal gain

Some Miscreants cut islands  in Madaripur, Bangladesh, for personal gain

Kumar river flows under the big bridge at Mustafapur on the Dhaka-Barisal highway. Three hundred meters ahead along a small road next to the bridge is Mustafapur Sluicegate. An island has formed in the Kumar River for four to five years.

An earthen embankment has been constructed for fish farming by illegally occupying the island. The earthen embankment is about half a kilometer long and 20 to 25 feet wide.

Sohrab Hossain Khan, Chairman of Mustafapur Union Parishad (UP) and Vice President of Sadar Upazila Awami League, has been accused of engaging in this activity.

The residents of the area named it as ‘Chairman Project.’ They fear that if the island is permanently creeping on, it will adversely affect the river’s water flow during the monsoon season. Navigation may also disrupt by partial erosion.

In this regard, Md Saiul Quader Khan, Executive Engineer of Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB), Madaripur office, said, “This is a demesne land. If any island rises on the bank of the river or if someone takes possession of it and does any cultivation or establishment, then the District Administrator and Upazila Executive Officer will take action in this regard. There is nothing for us to do here. We will take appropriate action if the river’s water flow stops.”

Regarding the complaint, Sohrab Hossain Khan said, ‘It is no longer a river; it has become a canal. Every evening there is a drug session in this canal. Anti-social behavior continues there. Due to the island, the surrounding environment has been ruined.

I am the chairman of this area; it is my responsibility to see the good and the bad. So I spent my money, cut the soil around the pasture, and fenced it like an embankment. Now the environment is beautiful. All this has been done by resolution from the council.

The UNO also knows this. AC Land has visited the place. When water comes, we will release fish here. As Per our Prime Minister’s instruction, not even an inch of land can be kept vacant. The vacant land should make suitable for cultivation. If we cultivate fish here, the local people will benefit the most. ‘’

Md. Saiful Islam, Deputy Director of the Environment Directorate, Faridpur Office, said, “No one can occupy any island or bank of the river by establishing any structure. If someone has destroyed the river and done something for personal gain, then legal action should take against him.”

Yakub Khan, President of the Madaripur Conscious Citizens Committee, thinks that the authorities should pay special attention to the eviction of these illegal occupants.

He said that when an island wakes up somewhere in the river Kumar, it starts the festival of occupation. Not only the Mustafapur area but different river places have been occupied.

If the banks and islands encroach like this, it will adversely affect the river’s water flow. Ordinary people will be victims of flooding.”

Md. Mainuddin, Executive Officer of Madaripur Sadar Upazila, said, ‘We are taking measures to stop the work. I have instructed AC Land to take action in this regard.”

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