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The reason for the increase in the death rate in Coronavirus is the high level of air pollution
Health Sadia Noor Portia

The reason for the increase in the death rate in Coronavirus is the high level of air pollution

The reason for the increase in the death rate in Coronavirus is the high level of air pollution

By Sadia Noor Portia (8th semester – English Department,
Independent University, Bangladesh)

According to two recent studies, high levels of air pollution are closely related to increased risk of death from coronavirus infection. Based on those two studies, the British media says the sixty-six administrative areas in Spain, Italy, Germany, and France have the highest death rates. The death rate in five of these regions is 78 percent. And these five regions are the most polluted by air.

The BBC and the Guardian report said the air in those areas contains elements that are seriously detrimental to human health. This can lead to asthma and lung disease.

One of the two studies was conducted by researchers at Harvard University. They say the impact of high-level air pollution increases the mortality rate in COVID-19. So many people have died in the United States due to high levels of air pollution.

World Health Organization official, Dr. Maria Neira agrees on this matter. She said COVID-19 has a higher risk of death in countries where high levels of air pollution occur. Countries in Latin America, Africa, and Asia, in particular, should increase their readiness to resist.

However, doctors are not responding to it right now. They think more research should be done before saying that there is a relationship between the two. However, Dr. Neira said, “We will create a map of the major cities in different countries from these regions to match their pollution levels. As a result, they will be able to determine the impact of the epidemic in their cities.”

Harvard researchers say COVID-19 has a lower mortality rate in cities that have had lower levels of air pollution in recent years. This less amount is 15 percent. The report says the COVID-19 mortality patterns are consistent with patterns of population density and high PM2.5 exposure. PM2.5 means atmospheric particulate matter (PM) size that has a diameter of fewer than 2.5 micrometers and 2.5 micrometers size is only 3% of the diameter of human hair.

Professor Francesca Dominici, the author of the research report, says it is still a preliminary study. More work needs to be done. However, the data and samples from which this study is being conducted seem to have sufficient reason to confirm that the death rate of COVID-19 is linked with air pollution.

Another study conducted in northern Italy on a joint enterprise between two universities in Italy and Denmark yielded similar results. The study, published in the journal Science Direct, states that “Air pollution is one of the main causes of the higher rate of death in northern Italy.”

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