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Super Cyclone Amphan Fortunately, the Sundarbans Is not Damaged Massively
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Super Cyclone Amphan: Fortunately, the Sundarbans Is not Damaged Massively

Super Cyclone Amphan: Fortunately, the Sundarbans Is not Damaged Massively

The attack of super cyclone Amphan heavily damages the coastal area of Bangladesh. Fishes have swept away.

Many houses sank underwater. Many places of the Embankment have broken, and there occurred an intrusion of saltwater into the polder areas which causes inundation of homesteads, Crops fields, roads and high wages etc.

Because of this, the dwellers of coastal areas have suffered a massive loss. But compared to that, the Sundarbans has faced fewer damages. The good news is that no animal including the Royal Bengal Tiger and the Deer died in the forest in this deadly storm.

The super cyclone Amphan has stayed for 8 hours in the Sundarbans, yet could not cause massive damage. In total 12,358 trees were uprooted, and losses regarding this are around 1,145,060 BDT.

The total damages due to Alphan in Sundarbans stood, including ten nos. Vessels, at 22,532,480 BDT. The information revealed in the report submitted by four investigation committees constituted to assess the damage in the Sundarbans.

On last Sunday night (24th May), the two DFOs of the East and West divisions of the Sundarbans received four separate investigation reports and sent them to its higher authorities.

Muhammad Belayet Hossain, Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) of the East Sundarbans Division in Bagerhat and Bashir Al Mamun, DFO in the West Sundarbans Division in Khulna confirmed the information.

Two top officials of the Sundarbans Department quoted the investigation report submitted by four Range Officers to them, saying that 12,332 Gewa, Goran trees were uprooted in the destructive role of Amphan in the Western Sundarbans division.

The number of Goran trees is 10,579. On the other hand, only 26 trees were uprooted in the Eastern Sundarbans Division of Bagerhat. These 26 trees are coconut, palm, tamarisk, banyan, and rain tree planted in the forest office premises.

In the Sundarbans, 26 jetties have destroyed due to the violence of Amphan. Forty-nine forest offices and barracks have become unusable because the roofs blew away and trees broke on the buildings.

A watchtower in Herbaria has collapsed. The deer and dolphin sheds at the Karamjal Wildlife Breeding Center have been broken down.

Ten vessels of the West Sundarbans Division have severely damaged. Forty sweat water ponds, where 17 are in the eastern division and 23 are in the western Sundarbans division, have been submerged in saltwater. This has led to a severe shortage of drinking water for wildlife, including tigers and deer in the Sundarbans.

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