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India faces 'worst Desert Locust attack Insects destroy seasonal crops
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India faces ‘worst Desert Locust attack: Insects destroy seasonal crops

India faces ‘worst Desert Locust attack: Insects destroy seasonal crops

The whole world is lost in the epidemic of coronavirus. And even in the war with Corona, locusts have become poisonous in India. The Indian government claims that these locusts are entering India mainly from Pakistan. And Pakistan has become a breeding ground for locusts.

According to NDTV, swarms of locusts are poisonous to India. One after another, the deadly insect is eating and destroying all the crops of the agricultural land.

India’s agriculture minister says locusts, which destroy crops mainly from Pakistan, are appearing in India. Locusts are rapidly breeding in different parts of Pakistan and are entering India in groups across the border.

BR Kadwa, deputy director of the country’s agriculture department, said a new group of locusts had recently entered Rajasthan from areas adjacent to Pakistan.

BR Kadwa told ANI that locusts are entering Rajasthan in droves every 2-3 days through the Pak border area. Pakistan has become a new breeding ground for locusts. From there, locusts are attacking Rajasthan and other states of India. Four large swarms of locusts have recently entered Jaipur.”

“Last Tuesday night, we destroyed a swarm of locusts that were about 6 km long and 1 km wide,” he said. The biggest thing is that those insects have increased their power over time. They have also undergone several natural changes and are now flying at a much higher altitude than they could have flown before.

This has made it very difficult for us to control the locust swarms. Nevertheless, we are trying our best to control the situation.”

Meanwhile, the LWO has warned the Union Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare of another locust attack in May-June.

Incidentally, on May 11 this year, the first locust attack took place in India. Insects attack crops in the Ganganagar district of northern Rajasthan through the border area of Pakistan.

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