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the city of venice could disappear due to the adverse effects of climate change
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The city of Venice could disappear due to the adverse effects of climate change

The city of Venice could disappear due to the adverse effects of climate change


Built on more than 100 tiny islands in an Adriatic Sea lagoon, Venice is the regional capital of Veneto in northern Italy. It has no roads; instead, it covers by canals, including the Grand Canal, surrounded by Gothic and Renaissance palaces.

Because of this, it is also known as the “City of Canals.” In 1987, Venice was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List for its unique historical, archaeological, urban, and artistic heritage and exceptional cultural tradition.

However, Venice is now in danger of disappearing into the sea. The city may sink into the sea in the current twenty-first century. Many buildings have already begun to sink;

A lot has been damaged. The number of tourists visiting the city is constantly increasing. On the other hand, the number of residents there is decreasing daily.

Venice has always been at war with the sea. According to a 2021 report, an increase of more than two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels in Europe could lead to a 32 cm rise in sea level in the 21st century.

The worst will be if the temperature rises by four degrees Celsius. It will start melting the polar ice. Sea levels could rise by up to 180 cm, meaning most parts of Venice would lose to the sea.

Not only Venice but several other cities around the world are at the same risk. If the sea level continues to rise, the cities will inevitably sink.

Another such city is Jakarta, which is no longer the capital of Indonesia due to its low-lying location. Nusantara will be the capital of the country in the future.

Sally Stone, an Architect at the Manchester School of Architecture, said, “Climate change is causing sea levels to rise. Because of this, any city built on the seashore is at risk of damage.”

Natasha Barlow, Assistant Professor of the Climate Change Department at the University of Leeds in the UK, claimed they are sure that the sea level will continue to rise in the next few decades due to the continuous melting of the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets.”

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