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The copter will fly on the ground of the red planet!
Amila Khan Environmental Science

The copter will fly on the ground of the red planet!

The copter will fly on the ground of the red planet! The names of two Bengalis were added to the history of the Mars mission

By Amila Khan

Haldia: he is a very talented boy from a young age, who is also restless. That is why Mahishadal (his homeland) knew him as ‘Grasshopper’. Who knew then that the name would be involved in flying a copter to Mars on the ‘Red Planet’! The first helicopter to fly to Mars, called Ingenuity, was headed by Chief Engineer Jay Bob.

And the name of the two children of Bengal who will be written in the history with Balaram for seeing and realizing the dream of flying a helicopter on the red planet is one of the scientists Anubhav Dutt alias that ‘grasshopper’. Another son of Bengal is Soumya Dutta.

Home is in Burdwan. Feeling a professor in the Department of Aerodynamics and Aeroelectricity at the University of Maryland. He first announced his plan three and a half decades ago at an international seminar.

The name of the son of Bengal Soumya is involved in making the parachute made to land safely on Mars from the spacecraft reaching the orbit of the red planet.

And just 19 days later, that is, on February 18, NASA’s ‘Lander’ will touch the ground on Mars.

Then the rover ‘Perseverance’ will come out of the lander on the red planet. Helicopter’ Ingenuity’ will fly in the sky.

The helicopter that is going to fly on Mars weight is 1.8 kilograms (4 pounds). It has two blades or rotors on its head. Each is 4 feet or 1.2 meters in diameter.

Helicopter Ingenuity will come out of his body two and a half months after touching the rover Perseverance red planet ‘Jezero Crater’. The helicopter will fly in the sky of Mars five times in the next month. For one and a half minutes each time. It will pass from the back of the red planet at a maximum altitude of 100 meters.

The people of Mahishadal, including his uncle Sanjeev Dutt, are very happy with the news of such an achievement of feeling. Anubhav got an eleventh place in the high school level in Bengal.

In the words of Mr. Sanjeev, “Although Anubhav was born in Mahishadal, he was educated and grew up in Calcutta. He is very talented from a young age. He was named “The Grasshopper” because he was very restless. He was very addicted to swimming in the pond.

So whenever he had time, he would come from Kolkata to his village home Mahishadal. It is a great pleasure to hear that his helicopter will fly to Mars. May his dream come true. Let him do something better, that’s what we pray for.”

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