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The Flood Situation in Bangladesh Has to Worsen

The Flood Situation in Bangladesh Has to Worsen; Thousands of People Are Distressed

The Flood Situation in Bangladesh Has to Worsen; Thousands of People Are Distressed

Eid-Ul-Azha is just a few days far. But the joy of Eid is missing from the mind of more than 3 million flood-affected people of 21 Districts in Bangladesh. People of all ages, from child to old, are passing their miserable days.

Some have taken shelter over the Embankment or high roads under the open sky with their domestic animals, some have got refuge in the shelter centers. Many people are floating on the water and living in boats. Many people lost everything in this flood.

People are getting affected by various diseases by fighting against consecutive floods. There is not enough food, medical supplies and safe drinking water or any secure cooking system.

Many people were rearing animals to sell on this Eid. But these animals are also suffering from malnutrition, and their health has dropped. As a result, farmers are not getting their accumulated price.

Meanwhile, the situation in many districts is worsening. People living in the north-eastern part of Bangladesh are living in nightmares. The flood has snatched away happiness from them.

Although the water level of some rivers has started decreasing in the last two days, village after village still submerged in the floodwaters. Millions of homeless people are living inhumane lives. Meanwhile, water levels in some rivers have continued to rise.

As a result, there is no hope of relief from floods before Eid. According to the Flood Forecasting and Warning Center of the Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB), the water level rose in 43 out of 101 water level stations on last 25th July instant. Water from 17 rivers was flowing over the danger line at 27 stations.

The bulletin of 25th July 2020 morning said that the water level of Brahmaputra-Jamuna rivers was increasing and it might continue for 24 hours. Apart from this, the water level of the Ganga-Padma river may increase further today.

The water levels of the major rivers of the Upper Meghna Basin are decreasing, but the water levels of the rivers around Dhaka district are increasing, which may continue for the next 48 hours.

The flood situation has worsened in Manikganj, Munshiganj, Faridpur, Madaripur, Chandpur, Rajbari, Shariatpur, Dhaka, Kurigram, Gaibandha, Natore, Bogura, Jamalpur, Sirajganj, Tangail, and Naogaon districts.

Here is the current update of the flood situation in different districts from news reporters:

Kurigram: Six educational institutions in Kurigram have already submerged due to floods. Two more buildings are under threat of collapse. Meanwhile, although the water level of the Dharla river has decreased a little, the water level of all other rivers, including the Brahmaputra river is still flowing far above the danger level.

More than three and a half lakh people of the river basin of the district have been affected by the third flood while the disturbance of two consecutive floods has not ended yet. These people of the riverbank including more than four and a half hundred chars and islanders of Kurigram were devastated by the prolonged floods.

The flood-affected people have taken refuge in high roads, schools, colleges, and madrasas. More than one lakh waterlogged people have taken shelter in 91 educational institutions in 9 Upazilas of the district. People are living in a huddle and inhuman life.

Gaibandha: The flood situation in the district has further deteriorated as the water levels of Brahmaputra, Ghaghat and Karatoya rivers continue to rise.

New areas are being flooded. Homes and roads in the low-lying areas of Kupatila, Kholahati, Ghagoa, Gidari, Malibari Union adjacent to Gaibandha district town have flooded.

At the same time, river erosion has intensified in Gaibandha Sadar, Saghata, Fulchhari, Sundarganj Upazilas. On 24th July evening, 50 houses and adjoining lands and plants, including the traditional old Durga Mandir, were washed away by the river.

Apart from this, the houses and cultivable lands of 500 families including sub-health center, Kamarjani Union Parishad Bhaban, Kamarjani Port, Merchant High School are now under threat of washout.

Rajbari: The flood situation has reached alarming stages as the water level of the Padma River continues to rise again. Breaking the record of the first phase of water rise, the water of the Padma river has flowed over 110 cm of danger level on 25th July in the morning.

As a result, about 60,000 people in Sadar, Goaland, Pangsha, and Kalukhali Upazilas of the district have been newly flooded. The roads flooded, people have taken shelter in the streets where water has not risen. There is a shortage of clean water and food in many areas.

Flood-affected people are suffering fear of robbers as they are standing on the side of the road with their cattle. Rajbari Deputy Commissioner Dislas Begum said,

“The district administration was distributing 180 metric tonnes of rice and BDT.240,000.00 in cash for the flood victims. Relief materials will be delivered to all the affected areas in phases ( $1= BDT.85 ).”

Natore District: The flood situation has deteriorated in Singra Naldanga. The water of the Atrai river is flowing over 63 cm of danger level. Numerous new houses have flooded. Thousands of people have taken shelter in 20 Flood shelters. Many are living in tents in other people’s homes.

The floods have inundated Singra Upazila Sadar Thana More, Sub-Registrar’s Office, Kanchabazar, and Godown Para. According to the Bangladesh Water Development Board, water will continue to rise in the low-lying areas across the district as the rains continue.

Shariatpur: Erosion of Padma river has started in four unions of Jajira and Naria Upazilas and Kirtinasha river in three unions of Naria-Sadar Upazila. About 200 families have been left homeless in the last week.

On the other hand, 300 villages in seven unions of Naria, Jajira, Shariatpur Sadar, and Vedarganj Upazilas of the district now flooded due to overflowing river banks. At least 50,000 families and more than two lakh ( 0.2 million) people have flooded. There is a crisis of drinking water, cooking fuel and cattle feed in the villages.

Bogura: Water is flowing 118 cm above the danger level in the Jamuna river and 20 cm above the Bangali river. Every day new areas are being flooded.

The victims have taken refuge in flood control dams or shelter centres as water has risen in their homes. Bogura tents are set up for the homeless people of the river islands of Tekanichukainagar and Pakulla Union of Sonatala Upazila of Bogura.

Source: Bangladesh Protidin

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