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Australia Bushfire Nearly 3 Billion Wildlife Killed
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Australia Bushfire: Nearly 3 Billion Wildlife Killed

Australia Bushfire: Nearly 3 Billion Wildlife Killed

Adnan Mahfuz

The deadly coronavirus is currently wreaking havoc around the world. It’s killing people every moment. But before the pandemic, Australia faced a terrible fatal event that burns out the heart of Australia. According to the survey, 3 billion animals have died, and many went missing.

According to AFP, The Guardian, and ABC News, the disaster was being hailed as a “terrible disaster for wildlife in modern history.”

The survey, conducted by scientists at several Australian universities, found that 140 million mammals, 3 million land animals, 246 reptiles, 180 million birds, and 51 million frogs died due to the fire of 2019-2020.

The survey didn’t specify precisely how many animals died in the blaze. However, Chris Dickman, a scientist of the survey team, said that the animals that survived the fire were also in poor condition due to lack of food, shelter, and predators.

The fire that spread to Australia’s tropical regions late last year has come under control earlier this year. It burned more than 15,000 square kilometers of forest. More than 30 people have died, and thousands are homeless.

A survey of the wildfires claimed in January that more than 1 billion animals have died in the worst-hit states of New South Wales and Victoria.

A January survey of the game claimed that more than 100 million animals were killed in the state of New South Wales and Victoria.

The survey has released on Tuesday that has painted a picture of the effects of wildfires across Australia, said Lily van Eeden, chief scientists at the University of Sydney. He said the final work of the survey is still in processing. It will be officially released next month.

The scientists that involved with the survey that the fire may have killed 3 billion animals. This number is not likely to be changed in the final report.

“The interim findings are very shocking,” said Dermot O’Gorman, CEO of the Australia branch of the World Wide Fund for Nature, which funded the survey. This is the worst disaster for wildlife in modern history. “

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